I am writing this at a very awkward time, at a place where I am not supposed to do this. But that’s the beauty there is no protocol, there is nothing rigid and no one to approve except me. I am the authority here. I decide when it happens and when it is shut. Okay so getting back to the point, yes we humans all are same, irrespective of the geographies and the countries we live in. The basic human nature always prevails and is way over and above the cast, creed, culture and geographies. Why I am writing this today, isn’t it something that everyone knows already. Yes it might be a well-established fact already but I had my own share of realisation very recently. I am in London these days back by virtue of my work, yes I will get back on this later. I am sure I will be flooding posts about London and its whereabouts in some days but for now let us stick to the point that I want to highlight here.


What I want to raise here is that it doesn’t matter what culture and country we are brought in, the basic and the grass root human behaviour, actions and reactions are same. For instance let me begin with the people at workplace. Like in India we have some very hardworking, some smart ass, some not so good similar was the case there. If I am asked I can easily map each and every person at my office here to the employees in India. It is so amusing and you feel as if just the faces have changed but all other things are just the same. The women here are as bithcy as in India, most of them don’t get along with their mother-in-laws just like in India. Kids here nag for the same illogical things as in India, men here have weak knees for drinks just as in India. The craziness for sales and discounts is same everywhere. Free food and free drinks have the same fascination here as in India. While traveling in the tube I couldn’t help but notice a mother trying to pacify her kid by promising unrealistic things as Christmas gift. Superman and Spiderman coming for the Christmas party was quite unrealistic for me. The kid was satiated with the false promise done by his mother, isn’t the same practice followed in India.

I will agree that there are some trivial differences of tone and temperature in every case because of the little cultural differences that still exist. For example in India we usually shout to project the anger , people over here do the same in a way lower tone and not to miss even in the most heated argument they would address each other with their usual romantic nicknames. Try an imagine an argument where one says “Honey, just shut up”, to which the other replies “Sweetheart, I have heard enough of you just get out of my sight”. Yeah I know it is quite hard to imagine but I have witnessed one such fight and I was literally smiling ear to ear, I gave a big explanation for my broad smile later though but it was fun. Not once not twice but many times I have had incidents which made me feel that we all are same.

Have you ever had such an experience or a realization which made you think like this ?

PS: This post was written a month back back but publishing it now. Yes I was so lost that I forgot to press publish button. Go ahead and judge me.





  1. We are all quite same all around, just some boundaries and our surroundings have molded us little differently.
    I loved reading about the bitching thing and the subdued fight.


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