On the occasion of International Women’s day (yes I know it is not Mother’s day) one question which almost every women is going to face is “Who is your inspiration?”, “Who do you look up to?” etc etc. I have often heard much big names who have done wonders to the society and worked very hard for the betterment of women and mankind. I am not sure if I am in senses to say this or not but I just cannot relate to such answers. Having said that I am not belittling the greater good that these women have done in their fields. But I would still take names of women who have helped me on the grass root level, who have inspired me everyday and every moment of my life. So here I say is my sister and my mother inspires me more than Mother Teresa.

Mum and I

How to be a better women, how to embrace womanhood is best explained and showcased by mothers. They help you understand what a fun and responsible job it is, yes trust me it is no less than a job. Probably the only job I am not tired of. The tenacity with which she does the smallest household work, the perfection she puts in packing your lunch box, the managerial skills she displays with work, family and her own self is incredible and can put any IIM graduates to shame. While you could read about the big accomplishments of the popular names you can actually see her doing the same in the real time.

Dee and I

While my mother was a mother ever since I was born my sister became a mother in front of me. I have seen the metamorphosis of her life live. From being a twenty odd age old female, to a married women to a mother she has been through all the stages. It amazes me how she manages everything so well, how often she survives over few hours of sleep and yet head out to work all dolled and decked up. Yes she does cribs and at times complains too but who on God’s green earth doesn’t have breakdown. She is a perfect example of how a women can be so many people in one life and at one point of time.

I am not asking to shower us with love and gifts just because it is #womensday today, but yes a little thank you wouldn’t hurt. I am not asking you to write eulogies for us but yes a little note of appreciation would do wonders. I am not asking you to post heavy adages on facebook but yes a little pep talk on our face would cheer us up. We don’t need a special day to appreciate and celebrate womanhood you shouldn’t need it too. So you can do all this tomorrow, or day after tomorrow or next month or whenever you like.

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