My love for Hyderabad is not hidden from anyone, for those who don’ know what I am talking about can refer here. To bewilder you all a little more let me introduce this amazing temple in Hyderabad, yes you heard it right there is a Visa Temple in Hyderabad. The proper name being Chilkur Balaji Temple but colloquially it is know as Visa Balaji Temple or Visa God. I was new in Hyderabad when I first heard about this temple, and yes I would accept I giggled knowing the existence of such a temple. As time passed I heard more and more people mentioning about it. I too inquired few people about this temple and they all spoke very highly of it.

Why is it called a Visa Balaji Temple?

After hearing so much about it I couldn’t stop myself from doing some research on it. I then found the reason behind the much celebrated Visa Power that this temple boasts. It is believed that during 1980’s a group of students whose visa got rejected by the Chennai US visa consulate visited here and they prayed and sought Lord Balaji’s blessings. After this visit their wishes were fulfilled and they all got their visa. It happened with a lot of other people too and with the undisputed mighty power of word of mouth in no time this temple bagged the title of the first ever Visa Temple in India.


How does Visa Balaji Temple work?

The devotees (visa aspirants) typically visit Visa Balaji Temple before they appear for their visa interview. During the first visit the devotees take 11 Circumambulation and make their wish and once the wish is fulfilled/visa is granted the devotees are suppose to come back and take 108 Circumambulation. Don’t worry about forgetting the count, you get tally charts there which help you in keeping track of your Circumambulation count. Hyderabad is booming in IT and the craze for US universities among students is growing with every passing day, both of these reasons have added to the popularity of this temple. More than 12000 devotees visit this temple every day, you can imagine how highly it is celebrated in Hyderabad.


 How to reach Visa Balaji Temple?

Visa Temple in Hyderabad is situated on the banks of Osmansagar Lake in a village named Chilkur. It is approximately 17 km away from Mehedipatnam. There are regular buses plying to and fro from Mehedipatnam to Chilkur Balaji temple at every fifteen minutes. The temple is very well connected to the rest of the Hyderabad city as well because of the Outer Ring Road which links all the major entry and exit of Hyderabad. Weekends are generally very busy and crowded, so if you are planning to pay a visit then target an early morning weekday.

My experience and My take:

There is no guarantee of results when it comes to religious aspects. It is only the matter of believes and  experiences. People of Hyderabad and even outside of Hyderabad have had numerous positive experiences with this temple. Personally I haven’t met anyone who has said that their wishes didn’t come true. You might just laugh it off or you can take it seriously, it is all up to you. I know quite a few number of people who got their visas after visiting this temple. It might sound dreamy but it is true.  Have I been there? Yes I have. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I didn’t go seeking any visa blessing but to my surprise from no where I was packing my bags for Malaysia after that visit. So do I believe in Visa Temple’s power, yes I do. I have absolutely no reasons for not believing in the power of Balaji’s benediction.

Have you heard about this temple before? If yes drop in your experience, I would love to hear about it and if you haven’t yet then plan a visit soon.

Till then Happy Travelling and Happy Blogging !




  1. Hehehe…interesting post..I have visited this temple in Hyderabad couple of times, though not for visa purpose….its a pretty famous temple on the outskirts of Hyderabad, close to a beautiful lake 🙂


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