4 out of 5 people are smokers today and 7 out of 10 people are alcoholic today. What is wrong with the youth. The fact that they know the consequence of its intake and still they are taking it makes them illiterate. it is something which is very sad. I feel so sorry when I see boys of hardly 10 or 12 years old with a fag, I wish I could do something for this.

But in this lost audience there are people who have abstain themselves from these bad habits and I seriously respect them. They know their responsibility as an Indian, as an individual and as a family member as well. Their family needs them and they are just wasting their lungs for such a shit. I detest smokers for the fact that they burn money in exchange of hollowing their lungs. It is my personal view and it will definitely vary from person to person.Well each and every individual on earth has benediction in the form of one pair of his/her personal lungs . He may screw it up anyway he wishes to. The reason why I am writing this in my blog is we stay away from a dog if we suspect him to bite but where does that common sense vanishes when it comes to our own and personal pair of lungs and other body parts.
I feel so great that i know quite a few people who are non smokers and I respect and owe my gratitude towards them that they have set an example in front of me that non smokers and teetotaler still exist





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