The day I was born my parents were happy AND delighted.
It was a girl, it was me.
They protected me from all evil, for I was their daughter AND son.
I started growing up fast,
They loved me even more, for I was their present AND future.
I started going to school,
They had sleepless nights, for I was their dream AND vision.
I left home for work,
They didn’t stop worrying about me, for I was independent AND yet their naïve child.
One day they called me,
Asked me if I was ready for a new relationship, for I was a daughter AND I had to get married.
To which I replied, no matter where I go what I do, who I get married to, few things remain as they are,
Yes I am ready for the next step but remember
I will be a daughter AND then a daughter in law.
I will be a duly wedded wife AND yet a loving daughter.
I will be a loving mother AND yet will never forget my mother.
I will be a homemaker AND yet will make my own money.
I will be a immature chef AND yet will visit all flashy eateries.
I will manage my household AND yet will not skip any chances to wander wild.
I will put my family first AND yet will never compromise with my dreams.
I will sacrifice my wishes for them AND yet will be in solace.
I will have dreams for my kids AND yet will never give up on my dreams.
I will live in a closed comfy house AND yet I will never tether my imagination and thoughts.

For I am a women who disregard the concept of OR (choices/pick one) and loves to embrace the ANDs of life.


“This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“. My post starts from the top line and ends at the bottom line, hence abiding the posting rules.




  1. Hey Ruby,

    Very good poem. I liked it a lot. Good luck for the contest friend 🙂

    You need not write top and bottom lines. I wrote it cos my post was more than 300 words or is that your reason too 😛



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