During my stay in Malaysia, I got the opportunity to visit Penang. Penang is popularly known as Penang Island and it boasts the tag of being one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Malaysia. It was a two day trip and the best part was that  it was sponsored. I hardly had to worry about any arrangements and logistics.

There are many ways of reaching Penang from Kuala Lumpur. All modes of transportation works well but we decided to hit the road and travel by bus. It was a long journey with breathtaking scenic view at regular intervals. Finally after approximately ten hours we reached our destination. Knowing that my sojourn was in Park Royal, the expectations were sky high.

After a long journey I was enervated and so desperate to catch some rest that I got the card to my room in no time. As I made my way to the room I couldn’t help but notice how tastefully the decor was done. Everything was very intriguing and captivating. Have a look at the reception area.

The pretty lady went inside when I clicked this.
The pretty lady at the counter went inside when I clicked this.

I would now offer you a visual treat of all the luxury that I embraced in Park Royal Penang.

Walking towards the room.
Walking towards the room.

Did you notice the interesting bamboo setup? It was very creatively organized. Park Royal offers you spa for rejuvenation and relaxation. I couldn’t stop myself from clicking this outside their spa.

Time for some Spa
My stay. The epitome of comfort and luxury.
My stay. The epitome of comfort and luxury.
Refreshing beach view from the room.
Refreshing beach view from the room.

After seeing all this I decided not to waste even a single minute in lazying around. I got freshen up in no time, took my camera and stepped out to capture the beauty through my lens. The first thing that I wanted to witness was the beach. Yes I have seen a beach before but still I was excited. The moment I came out I saw these comfy patio chairs which were so inviting that I just wanted to lay on them and do nothing. I was still tired, mind it.

Love the set up. Very simple yet very classy.

The swimming pool was huge and it has separate sections for kids and adults. I kept the pool visit reserved for the next day.

Basking in sun.
The beach view.
The beach view.

The beach was beautiful just as I expected it to be. I could spot every water sport happening there, but I settled for a long walk on the beach and some interesting clicks.

A beautiful shack, all lit up.
A beautiful shack, all lit up.

It was getting dark and I was still tired so I decided to go back and I clicked the below pictures while coming back.

The luxury of doing nothing, watching the sunset and sipping coffee.
The poster shot.
The poster shot. Watching the sun set and admiring the beauty.
Oh yeah there was booze too. Uncle Zack to the rescue

The food, the stay, the beach and the hospitality was amazing. They had galore of food options in their buffet. The next day was jam packed with a lot of fun games and activities at the beach. I also did para sailing, because I had to at least one of the water sports.

My stay in Penang was memorable. There were many things which made it unforgettable and my stay in Park Royal Penang was definitely one of them.

Have you ever been to Penang? Share your experience, would love to hear more Penang stories.

Till then keep travelling and keep blogging.





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