With the mercury rising up we are all looking towards mountains for relief and comfort. They have always been the easy escape from the scorching heat and the hustle and bustle of city life. The idea of a break vary from person to person. While some enjoy the leisure kind of escape some might relish the adventure break. I am definitely the later. I am all up for travel and if brings adventure along, it’s very much like icing on the cake for me.  Talking about adventure, of late river rafting has become a huge hit. I see so many updates of people heading to Ganges to try their hands on rafting.

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While I did river rafting long time back but the memories are still as fresh as daisies. I am scared of water but I didn’t think twice before wearing that live jacket and signing that indemnity form. Adventure gives you that adrenaline rush which makes you push yourself beyond your comfort zone. I was equally scared and excited. I had a great time in the high tides of Ganges. While I cannot help but go on and on about my river rafting experience I wish I knew few things beforehand. So I thought of sharing these tips with the reader. If you are planning a river rafting adventure in the near future this might be of help to you, so without further ado here goes the list:

  1. Wear full sleeves top/t-shirt: Always wear full sleeves top/ t-shirt. This will save the skin from the direct contact of sun rays. Not much emphasis on the bottoms because most of the times you will be dipped in cold water of Ganges.
  2. Apply sunscreen: This is an absolute must. Get the highest SPF sunscreen and apply generously on your face, hands and legs. During the rafting there would be many times when you will be jumping into the icy cold water of Ganges and then coming out sitting comfortably in your raft. The sudden transition from the cold water to hot sun can cause sunburn so a sunscreen is highly recommended.
  3. Leave your gadgets at the camp: While there is always an option of keeping the money, mobile and other important things in a plastic pouch but it is always recommended to leave them behind and not carry while rafting.
  4. Carry your swimming googles: If you are keen on swimming in Ganges then carrying your swimming gears along is always advisable. While the water is clear but if you plan to stay in water for a long time, glasses would make your stay comfortable.
  5. Be hydrated: Make sure you hydrate yourself well before the start.
  6. Listen to your guides: You could know everything about rafting but in no situation you should ignore your guide’s instructions. These people understand the current of the water more than anyone else, so if you guide instructs you to sit in the raft you listen to him without any second thoughts.
  7. Don’t drink and raft: I know you are out there to have fun and enjoy but drinking and rafting is not advisable at all. While doing any adventure sport you should be always be alert and in your complete senses.
  8. Take security seriously: Never fiddle around with your security gears throughout the rafting. Neither you should loosen your life jackets nor take off your helmets at any point during the rafting. Water can be unpredictable, better to be safe than sorry.
  9. Don’t panic: Always try to be calm and not panic. If there is anything that is troubling you discuss it with your guides.
  10. Research and book experienced guides: While there is no dearth of adventure companies offering their services always do a little research and select an experienced company. An easy way to find out that would be by looking at their websites and feedback.

 These tips will surely help you in curating a safe and memorable rafting experience.




  1. Thanks for sharing this blog to the travellers who want to river rafting and are green horn. So this blog can be a guide for those people and can do preparation before going.

  2. It is a smart idea to leave gadgets at camp. I haven’t gone rafting in a long time, but I remember that my dad learned that one that hard way. He had forgotten that he had his phone in his pocket, and it got ruined. So long as you stay save and don’t ruin your things, rafting can be a lot of fun too.


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