Ever since I have come back from Pondicherry the most consistent question that I have been asked is, where did you stay? While I have graced everyone with an answer I also realized that more and more people want to know about staying options in Pondicherry. I am no expert in hotels but I can definitely give my two cents about my stay in Ponicherry. So when a group of six girls randomly related to each other plan out a getaway the stay has to be fun and unconventional. We unanimously decided for a home stay. We zeroed down a couple of options but the search came to end the moment we found WunderHaus Airbnb.

Credits: Airbnb site.

WunderHaus suited our requirements and availability. The were a lot of good reviews from the previous guests. The pictures and the price convinced us more and without wasting a single minute we booked it. When we reached WunderHaus we all were awed by the creativity infused in every corner of the house. We had almost got the whole apartment to ourselves. There were just three more guests apart from us. We hopped around the house and were very happy with whatever we saw. There was a fully functional kitchen where you can cook if you want to. A speaker in the seating area just in case you like to play music. There was wifi too but very unstable. We were asked not to use hair dryers, straightener as the house was running on solar power.

entrance-of-wunderhaus charlie-on-the-wall-at-wunderhaus

WunderHaus is more like a traditional South Indian house. There were a total five rooms and a pretty spacious sitting area at the entrance. At the center there was a huge tree and there were hammocks too. The bathrooms had open ceiling which was a little awkward for all of us. Our host Kedar is a very humble and polite soul. He is very passionate about his place and that was pretty visible in every nook and corner of the house. Ever wall had some quirky graffiti or some dream catchers or some other creative creations. Kedar has also maintained an organic farm where he grew seasonal fruits, vegetables and some herbs. Some of us had Papayas pretty much every day for the breakfast. The breakfast seating was at one corner of the organic farm which was very traditional. Kedar made sumptuous breakfast for us and his coffee was to die for.

wunderhaus-from-another-corner wunderhaus-and-the-open-area projector-area-at-wunderhaus one-of-the-rooms-at-wunderhaus


Credit: Airbnb site

I would give a special mention to our host Kedar for helping us with a lot of pointers. Right from the eating options to beach suggestions to sorting out the transportation to suggesting a heritage walk he helped us in all. He also discussed breakfast options with us. So if I get a chance will I got there again, most definitely yes. I am all for creative streaks and this place was one quirky and creative paradise.

All of us at the breakfast table at WunderHaus
All of us at the breakfast table at WunderHaus
Point to note if you plan to stay at WunderHaus
  • You would not be able to use dryer and straightener so better not to carry them.
  • Don’t have much expectations with the wifi reply on your mobile network.
  • Carry your own toiletries because they don’t provide any.
  • Slippers are not allowed inside the house so carry a pair of sock.
  • Communicate your food preferences and quantity well in advance.

If you wish to book them for your stay you can visit here, also they have a Facebook page which you can check out by clicking here.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post and the reviews are solely based on good experience. The photos not clicked by me doesn’t have my watermark and I am giving due credit to the photographer.

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