Berger Launches Express Painting

Painting is a task which is always gets postponed. Often we wait for the next festival or next big family function to start the cumbersome task of painting the house. This happens because painting the house comes with a lot of overheads and it totally disturbs the whole house for those never-ending days. This isn’t some theory or a survey but it is something that we all must have definitely observe at least once in our lifetime. The story gets upside down with Berger Paint’s express painting process.

Express Painting, just the phrase gets your curious as to what it is. To know more about it Indiblogger team was generous enough to organize an Indimeet with the experts of Berger Paints with the bloggers. I attended the meet and came back mighty impressed with the concept of Express Painting launched by Berger Paints.

What is Express Painting

Berger Express Painting is doing the conventional painting but by utilizing technology’s recent benediction of automated tools. The automation of the process reduces the timelines by at least 40% and hence saving a lot on the troublesome times of painting. For instance generally the walls are rubbed with the sand papers to smoothen the surface which creates a lot dust in the environment. Also all the household furniture and appliances are covered with a thick layer of dust. Berger Paint’s automating tools does the same job but with not the same consequences. The automated sanding machine provides hassle free sanding and the vacuum feature locks all the dust and thus keeping the house clean as before. The manual rollers which usually used to spill a lot of paints on the floors are now replaced with Auto Rollers. Auto roller comes with automatic paint pumping which guides the flow of paint to the roller without any manual intervention.

Is Express Painting expensive ?

Convenience comes with a price, it always has so pricing of Berger Express painting service was something which was on everyone’s mind. So when Mr. Vinod Das Head-Consumer Services & Business Development – ‎Berger Paints India graced the stage he was bombarded with questions. He patiently answered all the questions. When it came to the price comparison he very assertively urged to first take a quote from the local painters and then from Burger paints. He was very confident that the price difference will give a shock to all of us. Berger Paints have revolutionized the painting process economically.

Is Berger Painting service available in my city ?

The express painting service is a marvel of growing technology but is this available in my city? I was sure of its availability in the tier 1 cities but to my surprise it is available in the tier 2 cities as well. It observes its presence across 90 cities in India. So yes don’t worry if you aren’t putting up in a metro city, you can still utilize Express Painting services of Berger.

Has it always has to be a complete house for painting?

Since Berger Express Painting is a highly automated process and involves a lot of equipements so we all assumed it is only available for big assignments. When we expressed this notion Mr. Vinod Das just smiled and responded “We have done assignments as small as painting just one wall”. So even if you want to highlight just one wall, the Berger team would be happy to help.

Benefits of Berger Express Painting

  • Saves painting time by 30-40%
  • Doesn’t disrupts the daily routine.
  • Economical.
  • Saves from the mess of dust and paint all around the house.
  • Automated and hence more efficient.
  • No scope of human error.

Berger Express Painting takes the pain from painting and offers you a happy painting experience.

The views and opinion expressed are solely my own and does not have any influence from any source.




  1. I would use and recommend their service. Yes, convenience comes at a price. And with high quality service, I am sure people won’t mind spending a little extra. Plus 40% reduction in time is a big plus. It would be a major selling point during festival season and before a wedding in the family.

    On a completely different note, I wish to attend one Indiblogger meet in my lifetime.

    • Thank you Saru and I am very sure Indiblogger will love to have you in one of their meets. If you ever come don’t forget to buzz me would love to meet you !


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