I was going through the list of contacts in my whats-app and suddenly I saw a contact with some weird looking status message. I thought maybe she has learnt some new language and that is some wisdom in that new language. I was shocked to see the complete message, it was some famous adage but I couldn’t comprehend it because of its brevity and abbreviation. The other day I was having some conversation with one of my juniors and I really had a tough time talking to her, not you would ask why ? then the below image will give you your answer

whatsapp chat

The text messages, the status messages have crossed the line of compression. At times I have to read it twice and thrice to get the real meaning out of it. The language is so compromised now a days. I am not saying that I never did the same. Earlier when there wasn’t any whatsapp or all the other online messaging applications we used to send text messages which had a word limit. The moment you cross that word limit the message count used to increase and accordingly the charges were also calculated. So to avoid paying more for the messages I used to use abbreviation and short forms like “nethng” for anything, “wat” for what and lot more so that I can accommodate the whole message  by paying less. That made sense as I used to get limited amount for phone recharge and all I was trying to do was to save on some bucks but what has gone wrong now ?

Today every phone is a smart phone and every service provider gives access to internet in throwaway prices making the service reachable to every class in the society. So by spending a small amount of Rs 100 you have the data usage power of up to 2GB (might vary from subscriber to subscriber) which is way more sufficient than the usage. Using this data power you can send unlimited messages, upload unlimited photos without paying any extra penny. When we have the freedom of expression with absolutely no overhead of money then why this bizarrely invented abbreviations ?

I have observed that a lot of people, mainly the teenager and early twenties think that it is cool to write like this and that writing complete words and sentences would make them old fashion and out of the league. I feel that we disrespect the language but the very next moment I feel everyone is entitled to their ways of communication and its brevity.

Of course I cannot ask someone to change the way they text someone but this post might make them think over it and you never know they might agree to my point as well. I am sure my post has definitely reminded you at least one such message or a person who has this messaging habit.

If you agree with my perspective, I would request you to share this post among your friends, you never know it might hit the right people.




  1. Think you have not raised yourselves to pizza generation texting 😛 I use some of it though, don’t know if it’s cool or not, but sure that life will revolve around ipads and smart phones. My opinion.

    Peace 🙂

  2. I am so tired of “K”! I’ve even explicitly told some people to not text me a “K” at all. It’s getting really difficult to get people to write full words.


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