I am writing this post to show my support to the #AbMontuBolega campaign. This campaign is all about speaking up against the people who are insensitive towards various public issues, the recent being the Swach Bharat campaign. We live in a free country and we all have freedom of speech, this campaign is encourage everyone out there to exercise their right of speech for the wellbeing of India and its citizen. It is an initiative which aims at inspiring people to not to be at the receiving end and raise their voice to bring in the difference.

To know more about this campaign do visit their official website http://www.abmontubolega.com also you can connect with it on facebook by visiting their page here and their twitter feed here.

I would like to share an incident which is very relevant to this campaign. We had our team dinner and so we left a little early in order to combat the traffic and reach the venue on time. We left from Noida at around 5 PM for Connaught Place in New Delhi. Connaught Place also known as CP is a shopping and eating hub for people from all over the NCR. We had decided that we will first go to the India Gate spend some time there and by 7 PM we will do for dinner. We were circling here and there in search of parking but we couldn’t find any and the traffic was at its peak. At a signal while we were waiting for the green light, one of my colleagues saw that a person from the adjacent car dropped a juice box on the road. Roads around India Gate are very clean and the traffic is very well managed. The moment she saw him doing that she screamed out of our car “haven’t you heard of the clean India campaign, can’t you wait till you spot a dustbin. How about I throw something in your car?” The guy sitting in the car got furious and he responded saying “why don’t you mind your own business and let me do my job”. Before we could say anything more the light turned green and the traffic started moving. Needless to say, that car got away in no time. We then started discussing about how ignorant people have become and how they don’t hesitate even a bit littering every now and then.

Nothing much happened at that time, he did what he had to do and we couldn’t stop him but the fact that someone from us spoke against it will always remind him of his deeds. The next time he thinks of doing something like this he will definitely think of what my colleague told him and I sure he will restrain from doing anything of this sort. I learnt a lesson that day that I am not going to stay quite if I see something like this happening around me. I realized that it is important to speak up, people know everything but they need to be reminded again and again just like the iron gets rusted when not used regularly.

This post was written as a part of The Power of Voice to Clean India for Indibloggers.





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