This post is completely dedicated to Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) and its various initiatives. This forum came into existence in 2012. Started with just three cities NSDF has now spanned across eight major cities in India. NSDF aims at instilling safe driving behavior in India so that the accidents and deaths caused by traffic can be reduced. This forum promotes safe driving promotion activities by conducting live stimulated experiences around the usage and significance of seat belts and air bags. To know more about NSDF and their initiative visit here.

NSDF has come up with another initiative which contest on the fact that road safety is not one man’s responsibility whereas it is a team effort and I am contributing to this initiative through my post by listing various steps which would help in ensuring road safety in India. The points are as under:

  • Lane base driving: I strongly believe that there should be different lanes for different kind of vehicles. There should be one lane on the extreme left which should be dedicated to the two wheeler only and they should be strictly forbidden to enter the other lanes. Among the four and above wheeler vehicles also there should be lane assignment for heavy weight and light weight vehicles. The chances of collisions and accidents will drop down exponentially if everyone follows the lane assigned to their vehicles.
  • Installation of traffic cameras: I understand that the traffic policemen are human and there is a possibility they might miss on anyone breaching the road laws, so there should be traffic cameras installed on every signal and there should be through investigation of the video captured by these cameras every day. Vehicles not following the rules should be identified and the drivers/riders should be fined with handsome penalty. Doing so will make them realize that there is someone watching them on the roads and so from the next time they will not dare to break the law.
  • Proactive checks on helmets and seat belts: Though helmet and seat belts are made mandatory by the Government still people find a way to skip it. There should be more vigilant checks for drivers not wearing seat belts and riders not wearing helmets. For two wheeler helmet should be compulsory for the pillion rider as well. People not complying with the law should be fined heavily so that they don’t repeat it.
  • Usage of mobile phone should be forbidden: It has been seen that majority of the road accidents take place because the driver was on the phone or was sending/reading the messages. The selfie culture has added to the road rage, there should be strict actions against people talking on phone while driving. When spotted doing so the concerned person should be fined heavily and a police complain should be registered so that is he/she repeats the mistake there would be a way to track it down and impose even higher penalty.
  • More traffic signals and speed breakers: Talking about the main road and high ways we have ample amount of traffic signals to keep the traffic in control but still there are many areas in which there aren’t even a single traffic signal because of which the traffic is highly mismanaged and which ultimately leads to more accidents and deaths. A committee should be made to identify such areas and then the necessary actions should be taken in order to install traffic lights and construct the speed breakers.
  • Helpline Number: A traffic or transport helpline number should be activated on which the public can call up in case of any emergencies or road block. Often people park their vehicles at forbidden places without any information, a helpline number would help in reporting the traffic police about it so that they can take appropriate actions against it. We often notice drunk driving and do nothing about it, a helpline line number would encourage everyone to report such cases so that the ensuing accidents and mishaps can be contained.
  • More breath analyzers on the signals: I have noticed that we have very few cities wherein the drivers and riders are regularly checked for alcohol consumption. This practice should be reinstated and should be carried out very seriously. 50% of the accidents take place because of drunk driving, a consistent check on this would definitely help in bringing down the accident count.
  • Vehicle Tracker: A tracker should be designed to keep all the records and whereabouts of a vehicle. Generally whatever action is taken, it is taken against the driving license of the individual but I am proposing a tracking system which is pertaining to the vehicle’s RC number. If a fine is imposed on a driver then it should be logged on both the license number as well as on the vehicle’s RC number so that if either of entities are fined multiple times then it is properly logged and necessary actions (increased fine and legal action) are taken against the driver as well as against the vehicle.

I wish and hope I see all the above mentioned points getting materialized in the near future. There are many things which aren’t feasible considering innumerable aspects but even to cover a mile you have to start with a small step.

This post was written as a part of Nissan Safety Driving Forum for Indiblogger.




  1. Some implementations would be appreciated, but things like speed cams sometimes cause danger. People start looking for speed cams instead of roads. But it’s implemented in all developed countries. Again coming to speed breakers, they don’t help much if it’s a huge SUV like a landcruiser, pajero only small cars will have to slow down.

    I think all the drivers who crash should be given a defensive driving course and licensing system should be a bit more tough than now.

    Good post (y)

  2. Thank you for this interesting and Informative post. Please visit FB page – Safer Highways – and like it. Please do post your suggestions and experience about Indian roads and driving on this page. It serves as a feedback to Highway Authority of India.


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