Cricket is the most followed religion in India. Probably the only one which connects people over and above their cast and creed. The madness for Cricket across the country is well known. We have the potential of eating and drinking cricket. If you don’t believe then reminisce the time of the world cup. Though world cups are huge and it surely deserves our undivided attention but the mayhem remains the same even for an ordinary test/ODI series. When it comes to cricket there is nothing like ordinary or normal it is always monumental. The fetish for Cricket is not limited to a specific age group, a 40 year old man is as much excited for cricket as a 12 year old boy. I told you it is a religion, functions beyond anything that you can imagine.

Now don’t we all want a life where we can snug in our bed with a large bowl of popcorn and watch the cricket match without any interruption? The answer to this would be, if only wishes were horses beggars would ride. There are so many other things and events which challenges our dedication towards the game. School, college, work, a train journey, an emergency flight and many more. But we Indians have the capability of finding out solutions from nowhere. We might not have the luxury of sitting in front of the large LCD/LED and watch the high definition telecast but we still manage to keep up with the current scores and updates. Yes we have our own ways.

With so much advancement in technology, the market is inundated with various kind of apps which provide you the scores and other updates of the match. Many a times the radio jockeys emerge as hero and update us with latest while we are on the go. And often our employers recognize our hard work by putting up projectors to show us the match in progress. The word of mouth is still the most common way of getting the updates. Calling up your friend and asking for updates is still the most easiest and convenient way of keeping up with the updates. So moral of the story is “where there is a will, there is a way”.


 In an era of the online world, referring the internet for all your answers is the most common thing that we all do. The love for sports has also spanned its horizon over internet and we have exploited it to the best to fit our needs. Focusing specially on cricket we have a new app in the market by the name of UC Browser. It helps in seamless surfing without any lag. It showcases an area as UC Cricket which is especially dedicated for all the die heart cricket fan.


 For more details of UC Browser visit and to explore UC Cricket visit here. I am sure the cricket mania will grow more and more with the advent of such an innovative invention. Do try it and don’t forget to thank me later.

Till then keep blogging and keep reading !!





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