I love tea. I just cannot do without my morning and evening cup of tea. While I can do away with a cup of coffee but nothing beats a hot and steaming cup of ginger tea. Back at home we all might not be able to have all the meals together but we do have the tea together. The morning tea is mostly enjoyed in the comfort of the bed while the evening one is out in the balcony with sunset. One thing that makes your tea tastes even better is the snacks accompanying it. Making a healthy snack used to be a cumbersome task but not anymore. With McCain Snacks making their ascent in the Indian snacks market, making a healthy snack is a cakewalk now.

I have never been the kind who would spend hours in kitchen cooking some out of the world dishes. I would always settle the deal by doing other chores of the kitchen. So if out of the blue I cook something, my parents would go gaga over it, forget about the taste, they would just be content that I tired cooking. Now every time I go home I try to cook something new for them because I know it would instantaneously bring smile on their faces. And this time McCain Snacks are going to be my saving grace for bringing those priceless smiles.

No meal can bring you happiness until it is shared with your loved ones. While I am not that interested in cooking but knowing the fact that it will make my loved once happy I always give it a try. So what would I do with McCain Snacks to continue the legacy. I generally play around snacks so that I don’t mess up with the important meals of the day. So this try would definitely be for the evening snacks. So I would start with deep frying McCain smiles, crispy happy potatoes for approximately three minutes.

Credit: http://www.mccainindia.com/
Credit: http://www.mccainindia.com/

Once it is done I will put them on the paper towels to absorb the extra oil. The next part is garnishing and it is the most important part as it decides the look of the snack. With a circular cutout I would cut small circles from the cheese slice and top the McCain smiles with the cheese circles. Once the cheese is in place I would place a small heap of aaloo bhujia and then further very finely chopped tomatoes over it. A leaf of coriander on the top of whole setup would end the garnishing drill. So after all this the McCain smiles would look like a colorful platter of while, yellow, red and green. I am sure it would be a visual delight too. When this colorful snack will make its entry along with everyone’s all time favorite ginger tea, I am quite confident my parents would smile ear to ear, and nothing in the world makes me more at solace than that.

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