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Sexual violence is a new rage in our country. Every social media is flooded with cases of rapes and sexual assault. While few makes it to the piling case files of police stations, countless cases go unreported. India is a conservative country and anything related to sex is still a big taboo be it sex before marriage or sexual assaults or rape for the matter of fact. We have been brought up like that. Talking and discussing sex is considered to be a sign of being uncultured and vulgar. Since this is how we look at a normal consensual sex then how do you expect people to come up and report sexual violence, something that happened against their wish and will. Wouldn’t it be such a huge disgrace and topic of shame.

I was thinking about this topic the whole day and then one point came where I thought I would sit and analyse this, this isn’t that simple as it looks. There are three aspects/parties involved behind not reporting the sexual violence, the victim/survivor, family/close friends and the biggest of all our society. Every time an unfortunate incident of a sexual violence happens one of these three agents become active and play their crucial and not so important role in stopping the crime from being reported.

The Victim/Survivor: Something very shameful and disgraceful has happened with me, I am now good for nothing. Nobody will accept me and look at me like before. I will always be associated with this unfortunate incident and never ever I would be able to come out of it. It will bring shame to my parents and my family.

                    Parents/Family: Why did this happen to our daughter? What have we done to deserve this? Now nobody will accept our daughter and she will always be alone. We will be the talk of the town and our social status will go for a toss. We will never be able to walk with our head held high. It is disgraceful and better if it is kept behind the shut doors.

Society: It is very unfortunate and sad. She shouldn’t have gone out that night. I had already warned her about her clothes choices but kids these days don’t listen to anyone. Don’t you know how our country is, nobody will ever marry her, how her parents are going to take all of it?

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There is no end to the social shackles which will always hold you back from doing the right thing. It is easy to stand outside and preach but only wearer knows where the shoes pinches actually. But the biggest and strongest point here is Social Violence is a crime and until a crime is reported it will never surface its existence.

Here’s why you should always and always report sexual violence.

  • Report so that we know it happened: There are tonnes of social violence cases which aren’t reported because of which no actions are taken against them. For every problem there is a solution but the preset is that problems needs to be identified first. Step up and report the case.
  • Encourages to do the right thing: When you do the right thing you inspire and encourage other people to do the right thing too. When they see action being taken against the reported crime they gather the strength and come ahead to report it.
  • Teach a lesson: The fact that nobody reports sexual violence encourages the perverts to walk on the same path again and again. Only when you report the crime an action can be taken against it and guilty could be punished.

I am not claiming that justice will be served in every case but the hope of justice will only be there if you report the crime. Break the social taboos and stigma and come out as a strong and independent women so that we can give a better tomorrow to our daughters.

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  1. Hello,
    Great attempt.
    But it could have been better. The Economic System and the Political and Judicial systems too are involved in these ways:
    Sensitizing the police force.
    Increasing recruitment of women in police force.
    Better counselling and recuperation.
    Faster and civilized court proceedings or special courts.
    No safety during night shift cab drives…
    No complaint cells.
    No Vishaka guidelines
    etc etc. No gender sensitive budgeting etc
    I just wrote down a few so that next time you write you will include them too….
    who knows you may be more interested and write a more well rounded article next time…

    All the best



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