Talking about the problems in our country is a very trite thing that we all do. We never fail to mention the loopholes in the system. Even now If I ask about the main social issue, illiteracy and poverty will straight make their places on the top. But will we ever stop talking about it and start doing our bit. I think it is time we embark on the Journey of Doing Right things.

You would think what has suddenly made me so much responsible and my answer to that would be just a website. Yes you can laugh it off but if you don’t believe me just have a look here. We all are very well aware of what illiteracy is and what profound affects it has on our kids. Children are our future and we must take care of them with maximum efforts. Education is the only way out in the current scenario.

Do Right is an initiative by Tata Capital. Our campaign, the Journey of Doing Right, is currently addressing the challenge of Illiteracy in Varanasi. This is where our Do Righter found the unique boat school that has been started under the leadership of Ajeet Singh, founder of NGO Guria. Varanasi is a city which attracts thousands of tourists every day. It’s rich religious history makes it all the more sought after. But have you ever noticed that among various saints and disciple there are so many children wandering here and there. They have no clue and no direction about their lives and their future and then Varanasi Boast School happened to them. Boat School is an innovative approach towards teaching children. It is very important that the kids enjoy the education and it should appear interesting to them so that they hold on it for a long time. So this creative school is helping the kids in all possible way they can, if you don’t believe me just hit play on the below video.

Even though the journey has started but there is a lot of scope of amelioration. The boat school practically needs a magical transformation so that ideal learning environment can be created for the kids. This educational haven needs a lot of help from all of us. The kids are wiling to study all they need is a helping hand. A lot needs to be done in terms of improving the boat, arranging more stationary, more equipment and more means of education. If you have seen the above video you must have noticed how much energy and ambition is caged inside them. It needs to erupt out just like a volcano. Boat school is even planning to arrange for #ScholarShip for them.

This post is basically an urge to all of you. I know we all are so busy in our lives that we don’t even get time for others, But I am sure we can support the few ones who are standing out there for others. I urge you all to spend some time here and do your bit. Even a small help from all you can shape a child’s future and fulfill his/her dreams. So please extend your generous donations to this unique initiative. Any help in any form would be appreciated. Also I request you all to spread the word so that we have higher chances of securing a bright future for the children of our country.




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