Tuesday morning was just like a normal morning for those kids and their parents. Kids were getting ready for their school with absolutely no idea of the devastation that awaits them. Who would have thought that this day might bereave the families and leave them mourning for the rest of their lives. Mothers who insisted their kids to go to school even after their stupid excuses must have repented like anything. It was a black Tuesday for Peshawar. Nothing that I write will be able to express the pain and loss that the families are going through.

What happened at the Army School in Peshawar is very well known to everyone. Needless to say that this act has shown the heights of mercilessness and brutality. Kids who were busy turning the pages of their books and teachers who were ruffling through their notes were suddenly hit with bullets from all over. The peace vanished and there were just gunshots, smoke and dead bodies of kids lying in the corridor and hall. The militants ushered in and started shooting randomly and they hit everyone who came across them. Very soon the Pakistani army was summoned and they stormed in the building but by that time enough damage was already done. Innocent kids covered with blood, open wound and gun shots were lying here and there. Their green and yellow uniforms have turned red with the blood.

The city’s hospital was full of dead bodies lying here and there, wrong bodies were handed over to parents because it was difficult to recognize the face of kids. As per various news reports few kids were fortunate enough to survive this assault and they told how brutally and inhumanly those militants were killing everyone. It seems it was a no mercy mission.

“My child was in uniform in the morning, now in coffin’ – the words of a father who lost his child in bloody Peshawar attack. More than 150 children lost their lives in this inhuman act of terrorism. Every morning bring new hopes for the day but even after the dreadful Tuesday, today has been no different for the Pakistanis. While the parents are burying the bodies of the apple of their eyes the whole of the world is mourning after this massacre. I cannot gather the courage to look at the pictures as they are so disturbing, I wonder how the bereaved parents are holding on to it.

I along with the whole word condemn this barbaric act of terrorism and pray to God to give strength to the parents and other victims. I also pray for the children who knew nothing about the word terror and terrorism and yet ended up as a victim of it. Rest in peace all the little angles.

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  1. पेशावर में १३० बच्चो का आतंकवादी हमलों में क़त्ल हो गया, ये उन्ही लोगों की जात है जो कभी संसद पर, कभी ताज में, कभी ट्रेन में, कभी मॉल में कभी बाजार में बम रखते है, ये मानववादी नही है, ये एक आसमानी किताब की बदौलत बहकाए गए जानवर जिनपर लोग चुप है, शर्म करो पाकिस्तान की जब यही लोग मुंबई में हमला करते तो तुम जश्न मनाते हो और जब तुम्हें तुम्हारे ही सांप दंसते है तो हिन्द रोता है, तुम्हारी फिक्र हम एक बाप के नाते करते है, संभल जाओ वरना आजादी छीन लेंगे हम, हम ऐसे मरते नही देख सकते, हम तुम्हारी चुप्पी नही देख सकते, हफजल और उनके यारो की यारी से बाहर आओ, निर्दोशो की लाशें मत बिछ्वाओ, बंद करो जेहाद का खेल, मान लो अब सुधर जाओ..

    अपनी मर्जी से तो मजहब भी नहीं उसने चुना था,
    उसका मज़हब था जो माँ बाप से ही उसने
    विरासत में लिया था
    अपने माँ बाप चुने कोई ये मुमकिन ही कहाँ है
    मुल्क में मर्ज़ी थी उसकी , न वतन उसकी रजा से
    वो तो कुल नौ ही बरस का था उसे क्यों चुनकर,
    फिरकादाराना फसादात ने कल क़त्ल किया


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