What is the first thing that comes to you mind at the mention of international travelling? Visa intricacies and sorting flight tickets options, these two are the first thoughts that cross my mind. Destiny made an exception for me when I traveled to London last year. My flights tickets and UK visa whereabouts were taken care by my employer as it was an official trip. So much love for the hassle free travel itineraries. So my entry was seamless and I didn’t face any hiccup at the immigration as well.

If you are in London and that too when the celebrations are around the corner how can you miss a stroll on their famous streets. It was the first thing that I did during my stay. After roaming around in London for few days and being content with adulation for its postcards sights I decided to turn my way to something calm and serene. When you have friends and family in foreign land it becomes easy to put your thoughts into actions and that’s exactly what happened with me. My sister-in-law was kind enough to take some time out for me and we decided to explore the popular Windsor Great Park in Windsor.

Lake at Windsor Great Park

Windsor Great Park has plethora of options for everyone. So it really doesn’t matter which age group you belong to you will always find something or the other to indulge in. So what did I do in Windsor Great Park? As I was accompanied by my sister-in-law she ensured I perch upon all the important spots of the park. It was chilling and very windy. The best way to move around in the park is either on foot or on a bicycle.

So many places to go to
So many places to go to

Soon as we entered the park I saw big lakes by the side of the pathways. There were many people walking their dogs and playing with their kids.

Making memories at Windsor Great Park

As we walked ahead I kept seeing all the places which were mentioned at the entrance of the park. The first mention would be for Virginia Waters. It is basically a lake within Windsor Great Park. It is a great spot to relax, spend time with your friends and family and enjoy the view.

Virginia Waters in the backdrop
Virginia Waters in the backdrop
Coexsiting together at Windsor Great Park
Its time to swim and play.

Just in front of Virginia Waters there was another famous spot known as Ruins of Leptis Magna. This section was created of stones and pillars which were taken from Roman city site of Leptis Magna in Libya. Recently the whole site has been repaired and restores at it was getting weaker because of the decay.

The Ruins at Windsor Great Park
You can see the Virginia Waters behind and one section of the Ruins to my right.

After spending some time near the ruins and Virginia Waters we decided to explore the much talked about Valley Gardens. Truth to be told I didn’t find anything interesting there and the inclement weather is culpable for the same. The garden looks its best in spring and summers. Guess I was there at the wrong time, my bad  🙁

Valley of Flowers I at Windsor Great Park

Valley of Gardens at Windsor Great Park

One interesting this that caught my attention in the Windsor Great Part was Totem Pole. It is a 100 feet long pole which was erected here in 1958 and it marks the centenary of the establishment of British Columbia as a Crown Colony. Amongst everything I found this spot very interesting.

Totem Pole at Windsor Great Park

More Info on Totem Pole at Windsor Great Park

After roaming around the Totem Pole for sometime it was the for the much needed coffee break. We made our way to the Savill Building. At the first glance it looked like a sinusoidal wave. When we got inside I noticed that it had three domes which were contributing to the sinusoidal shape. Savill Building is basically a visitor center for Savill Garden. We couldn’t go to the garden because of the fleeting drizzles and also because we had to leave for “The Long Walk and The Deer Park”.

The Savill Building at Windsor Great Park

Front of the Savill Building at Windsor Great ParkI was excited for the next spot as the name sounded intriguing. As I walked in the Long Walk Park I couldn’t help but compare the sight with some postcard from a Hollywood flick. It is actually a straight path of 2.64 miles which links the Windsor Castle with the Snow Hill in Windsor Great Park. The complete path is lined with numerous elm trees and it offers absolutely contrasting views in every season.

Windsor Great Park

As much as I wanted to spend some more time there I couldn’t dare to do it because it was freezing and the winds were getting stronger. After a walk of ten minutes we decided to head back. I came back content as my quest for natural beauty was satisfied to bits.

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