India The land of festivals

When I was in Malaysia a lot of my colleagues were very keen on visiting India. The women were wooed by Shahrukh Khan whereas the men would drool over the Indian beauty. They often used to talk how they love Indian food and colourful festivals. I didn’t know that people were so intrigued by our wide range of festivals. The fact that India celebrates such varied varieties of festival across the country has attracted many travellers to India. One of many reasons why India should be your next travel destination is because it is the land of festivals. The colors, the celebrations and the revelry never stop.

India is a country which is rich in culture, religion and heritage. If you travel from northern part of India to the south you would observe the change in language, culture, food preferences and also the festivals. While Diwali and Holi takes the tag of the most popular festivals. But there are numerous other small and big festivals which are celebrated across the country. My colleagues in Malaysia were highly fascinated by Holi, they loved the idea of coloring each other with colorful powders. Not to forget the delicious delicacies that comes along with the colors.

Credits: Indiatoday
Credits: Indiatoday

Not just Diwali, India has many other festivals too

There is always a special affection for Diwali. It has been my personal favorite too. While everyone celebrates Diwali with a special fervor, there are many other significant festivals in India. I tried my level best in enlightening my colleagues about the other major festivals of India. Right from the grandeur of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated in Maharasthra to the fun filled Durga Puja of Kolkatta to the Ugaadi of Karnatka to the colourful Navratri of Gujrat to the Pongal of Chennai, every state has some interesting festival to offer. And on top of everything this spans across the twelve months of the year, isn’t just so much fun. For someone who wishes to travel to India doesn’t have to worry about the time of the year to enjoy its festival flavors.


I have often helped a lot of my colleagues in planning a trip. And when it comes to planning a trip to India the joy goes leaps and bounds.  Right from the flight tickets to India to 5 star hotels in India to local transport options to the holiday calendar I love to assist in every aspect of travel to India. I feel proud to be born in a country which has such rich culture to offer not just to its own citizens but to the travelers from the whole world. The monumental fact is that even with so many diversified religions and languages, we still stand strong as a country. No country is perfect and so is my country but the unity in diversity makes it perfect for me.

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  1. I was in India for Holi this year and it was such a special time for me – I really fell for the people and culture of India thanks to that festival. I’d love to come back and check out some of the other, less well known festivals too 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you. I am blessed to be born in India. With so many religions happily co existing here, Indians are exposed to a variety of festivals around the year. The last part of the year is my favourite though!

  3. Amazing festival and i’m blessed when i visited most of famous bappa around the mumbai. Thankful to MMT to make my journey beautiful when i visited my hometown to attend the festival. I have also found amazing site which keeps all the tracks and post all bappas around mumbai on thier website


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