Are you the sort of person who loves international travels but not the intricacies of visa applications, if yes then keep reading. Often the complicated visa formalities and hundreds of application form leads to the cancellation of the travel plans. The processing time and the anticipation of acceptance/rejection of visa is such a turn off. I can see you nodding your head in agreement. To your surprise there are more than 50 countries around the world that offer visa free or visa on arrival access for Indian passports. Visa on arrival still sounds better than going through the cumbersome visa approval process.

Credits: Weblog of Ravoof
Credits: Weblog of Ravoof

Here is the list of 10 countries where Indian can travel without visa. Yes such a list exists.

  • Nepal

Let us start with our neighbours and we will begin with Nepal. Nepal allows visa free entry to Indians. Nepal offers a balanced platter of adventure as well natural delights. Right from trekking to rafting to mountain biking, to bungee jumping to paragliding to canyoning Nepal has everything that you need to quench your adventure thirst. If nature interests you then a stroll through Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Parsa Wildlife Reserve and Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve will refresh all your senses. A trip to Nepal will not drill a huge hole in your pocket.

  • Bhutan

Another neighboring country of India which is also known as land of happiness. Popular for its monasteries and dramatic landscapes Bhutan is on every traveler’s wish list. The natural beauty of Bhutan is untouched and it will lets you experience high quality tourism. Bhutan also offers a visa free entry to Indian passport holders. You cannot visit Bhutan on your own, you need to come along with a registered tour operator.

Hong Kong

Another nearby country which offers visa free entry to Indian passport holders is Hong Kong. Hong Kong permits a visa free entry to all Indians for a period up to 14 days. If your stay is more than that then you will need a visa or entry permit. With its iconic skyline, colorful traditions and lush and protected nature full of rare birds Hong Kong will leave you mesmerised and longing for more.


Being located close to China and Hong Kong Macau is popular for its mixed cultures. Macau has been a Portuguese colony for more than hundreds of years thus a good blend of Cantonese and Portuguese can be experienced in Macau.


Are you a beach and island person? If yes then Fiji should be at the top of your list. Located centrally in South pacific Fiji boasts the possession of 333 tropical islands. White sand beaches till your eyes can see, coral diving and landscape to die for Fiji is happiness galore. It is a perfect destination for honeymoon as well as family vacations. Flights to Fiji can be a little heavy on your pockets and to deal with that you can opt for a personal loan for travel.


Jamaica is a nature’s paradise. The lush green mountains, reef lined beaches and rainforests will leave you speechless. Jamaica also offers a visa free entry to Indian passport holders. Also did you know that Jamaica’s capital Kingston houses Bob Marley Museum dedicated to the popular singer Bob Marley.


If South America fancies you then you should begin with Ecuador. A visa free entry will help you in getting in without any hassle. Famous for its chain of volcanic islands, Ecuador will certainly give you one of unique travel experiences. From rainforests to mountains to beach to colonial towns to bustling markets Ecuador seems to have it all.


Mauritius is one place which doesn’t need any introduction. Located at the very top of every couple’s list for the honeymoon this place is perfect for some romantic time. A visa free entry indeed adds to the convenience for the honeymooners.

Cook Islands

A remote and yet well accessible are these fifteen droplets of land sprawled across 2 million square kilometres of Pacific blue, popularly known as Cook Island. A visa free entry to Cook Island will at least take some tension off your head. Cook Islands are gaining popularity with every passing day for their unique cafes, organic food, bars and clubs.


With no lavish resorts and no direct international flight Dominica night not be on everyone’s list. Even most of the volcanic sites of Dominica are also covered with rainforests.


If you smell nutmeg in the air know that you are in Grenada. Boasting titles like Spice Island, Fruit Island and Beach Island Grenada is loved by foodies as well as the beach lovers. A visa free entry is always an icing on the cake.

So you don’t have to wait anymore and get yourself baffled over visa processes. Just pack your bags and leave for your favorite destination.

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