A life without an inspiration and motivation is as good as dead. Everyday we come across thousands of people but nobody really touches our mind and soul but when the time is right just one person is enough to turn your world upside down. I have always talked about how my mother has helped me and inspired me with everything in my life. But today I am going to talk about another man whose optimistic approach has totally changed my outlook towards life. He is very close friends with my sister brother in law.

For the sake of anonymity I will not state his name. Let his name be Mr. S. I met him when I came back to India from Malaysia after ten months. It would be totally fair if I call him the epitome of optimism.

Mr. S was a Commander in Indian Navy. A man who has served his duties with full honesty and integrity. He is now retired and he now does consulting for a popular firm. I don’t know the full details of his work so I am not getting into it. He comes from an affluent family and he has had a career worth bragging. So basically when you meet him for the first time you will think that he is bestowed with everything. I was in that illusion too.

Days passed and I got to know more about him. I got to know that his family doesn’t live with him. His wife and his kids stay far away from him. I tried to know the reason but then I realized that it didn’t matter. It will only sadden him more and will bring back the memory of those tough days. So here is a man who has the benediction of everything but the one thing that everybody takes for granted is not in his destiny. He misses his kids. He enquires about them from various sources. He takes care of all their needs but still he doesn’t get the fatherly love that he expects from them. I don’t know the other side of the story so I will not comment on that but I have seen him pain.

Mr S has seen some good and some bad days but I have never seen him broken or disheartened. He has this amazing positivity towards life and everything that the life has to offer. He has taught me the biggest lessons of optimism. Not that I have sat with him for long hours and have had long sessions of cogitation and discussions but at times just the existence of such a person inspires you to be a better individual.

When I met Mr. S I wasn’t really having the best time of my life. It was the toughest phase of my life and I have had thoughts of doing things which I shouldn’t have even imagined in my wildest dream. Just a meeting with him has brought a lot of solace in my life. He is a typical defense person drenched in suave and gentleness. His attitude at times go out of the line but that how he is and I wouldn’t want him to change even a bit of his personality. Life hasn’t been very kind to him but that hasn’t affected the kindness of his heart. He has a lot of reasons to sit back at home cry and crib but he chose to go out and spread the kindness. Apart from being optimistic and hopeful he is the most helping man I know. If you have a problem he will try his level best to sort it out for you. He fixes things. He fixes problems instead of having plethora in his own life.

I am so glad that I met him. I have had a different approach towards life after meeting him. I pray to God he gets all the happiness in the world and keep spreading the same as he always does. He is one person I look up to in my thick and thins.

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