I belong to Lucknow. Thats where I have spent most of my childhood. I did my school and college from Lucknow. I stepped out of Lucknow to persue my career in technology. When I joined work there were people from all over India. After a badinage you often end up asking the other person “Where are you from ?” I have faced this question too and I have had a variety of responses to my answer which is “Lucknow”.

Things you hear when you tell someone you are from Lucknow:

  • Lucknow mein “MAIN” nahi “HUM” kehte hai, hai na ? : This is most common thing that you would hear the moment you tell that you are from Lucknow. Till the time I was in Lucknow I never realised this but this is true, we do say “HUM”instead of “MAIN”. Coming from the city of tameez and tehzeeb it came from within we never really worked towards speaking “HUM” in place of “MAIN”.


  • Lucknow ka chicken toh bahut famous hai : After empahasizing on your choice of words they would straight jump to the craftsmanship of Lucknow. When I say chicken I meant Lucknow’s famous embriodery not the edible chicken. Initiallly I used to think what is this fuzz all about. I have grown up seeing chicken all aruond me so it wasn’t a big deal for me but now I realise the beauty of it. If you are from Lucknow you must have definitely bought chicken clothings for your friends atleast once in your lifetime. If you haven’t yet, you will soon.


  • Tum toh Tunde mein roz khati hogi: Lucknow is the undisputed king of kebabs and Tunde has a reputation worth bragging. Being a vegetrian I have never had a kabab from Tunde. Yes go ahead Judge me. But I still know it must be sumptuous and mouthwatering courtsey all my non vegetarian friends and their love for Tunde. It has happened time and again that I have been asked to get Kebabas from Tunde but so far nobody has been that privileged.


  • Mayawati has made a Marine Drive in Lucknow, is it true ?: There is huge transformation done by Mayawati near the Gomti Nagar area. It has been very artistically desgined and it’s beauty is worth watching for hours. You would happily visit this place almost everyday. Nowadays it has become a popular destination for photography. So the answer is “Yes” we do have a Marine Drive in Lucknow.


If you are from Lucknow I am sure you must have heard at least one of the above from your friends or colleagues. Say yay if you have. I am sure you must have smiled reading this post. Do comment if I have missed anything which is worth mentioning here. Would love to hear your views on this, so drop your comments below.

Note: The photos are taken from Google and I am giving the due credit to the photographers.




  1. Hahaha… how about some tunde next time you are in MUmbau 😉

    Just kidding. But I know what you mean. I have had to hear such stuff all my life to about Kolkata, where I grew up.

  2. I met a guy recently who’s from Calcutta but studied in Lucknow for 5 years. He has such impeccable command over Hindi and knows a little Urdu. But he’s a Bengali, which you wouldn’t know unless he told you. The way he keeps using hum and aap to address others is so pleasant. Like the rant! 🙂

  3. Oh yes I remember the 4 weeks I spent in luckhnow for my ncc vayu sainik camp. . Pity the first two weeks were under curfew due to the ayodhya problem.. but the last two were a great..

    Went about the city ate so much food and the language used was beautiful. .

    I have a special place for luckhnow.. made some beautiful friends for life in that place..


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