I am very late for this post but I have my own reasons for it. You all know what basically needs to be done for this post. Ask your partner, friend, brother to help you share the load and assist you in doing the laundry. Post their fun pictures and blog about the whole experience. I thought I will do the same but destiny had something else in store for me.

One fine day I received this cute packet of Ariel Matic. I was ecstatic to see it as I was expecting it since long time, but my happiness went for a toss when I thought of the next course of the actions. I live far from my parents because of my work so asking my father and brother for helping me in this campaign was out of the options. I am single and thus there is no guy smitten in love enough to do this for me. I pulled myself and thought there are many friends I will ask any of them I am sure they will be happy to help. To my surprise it was not the case. They were ashamed of doing it, some of them even said we will help but we are not okay with our pictures being put up on the blog, I found it disheartening.

I arrived.
I arrived.

I didn’t want to give up on this and I thought of all possible ways through which I could conform to the requirements of this campaign. I thought I will dig out an old picture and do a little editing and photoshoping so that I could fabricate a photo by inserting the photo of Ariel Matic. I even started with it but after sometime I thought do I really have to do this, do I have to lie about it ? I couldn’t do it. I was sitting in my room all disappointed and lost. Seeing me like this my flatmate came to me and she offered her help. She was very well aware of the ordeal that I had gone through. I explained her the campaign and she insisted that I should be writing the truth. I told her how everyone has written  such amazing posts for this and mine would not even conform to the standards. She was still firm and after a small discussion I agreed to her. She became my partner in this and she was happy to #SHARETHELOAD with me  by taking part in #WASHBUCKETCHALLENGE. You can see how happy she was to do this for me.

I am happy to #SHARETHELOAD
I am happy to #SHARETHELOAD

This is probably the first time when I had so much fun washing clothes.

Things I really like about Ariel Matic:

  • The smell: The moment I opened the packet a refreshing smell came out of it. I thought it would fade off once the clothes are dried but to my surprise it was just intact. All my clothes have this mild fragrance which makes me smell them again and again.
  • The quantity: For a tub full of clothes I just has to use one spoon of Ariel Matic. I thought I would be needing more in order to satiate the high demands of the dirt and stains on my clothes. But again Ariel Matic took me to surprise.
  • Easy on hands: As you could clearly make out that I don’t have a washing machine. There are some cons of bachelorhood. I hand washed my clothes. Generally my hands go rough and the texture of the skin changes. Ariel Matic was way different from all the detergents that I have ever used. My hands were soft and moreover they start smelling good. 🙂
  • Easy on pocket: Another very important aspect of Ariel Matic is that is doesn’t dig a big hole in your pocket. Considering how efficient the performance is I was expecting it to be a little pricey, but this little packet of joy for my clothes is way in my budget.

My #SHARETHELOAD experience is way out of the order but I had fun doing it. I might have not followed the rules but I enjoyed it.

I am nominating the below five bloggers to take this challenge:

This post is part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel India.




  1. Good that you went ahead with this…of course, with your friend’s help. Though it might sound silly to some, but there is real pleasure in such activities…there is no scope for happiness.


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