Birthday: Turning Wiser or Older

Birthday has just gone and I can’t help but wonder if I have turned wiser or older. Life has been a roller coaster ride since last birthday. A lot, literally a lot has happened since then. I have done things that I had never imagined, lost things that I had always thought belonged to me and met people who were literally God sent. It has been a balanced blend of bitter sweet memories.


Talking about birthdays, I am a birthday person. Balloons, cake, flowers and streamers still excite me like a kid. Guess I haven’t reached the age where one gets casual about birthday. I am always hyper and super excited for birthdays. Though, with every passing year the definition of birthday and the idea of celebration have changed exponentially. The unlimited midnight birthday calls have scarce down to few. The good part about this is that this few matters the most to me, not because they called this time but because they never missed calling since the beginning.

I have understood that “the more the merrierisn’t really merrier in all the cases. Like your friends, what would you prefer “more friends” or “good friends”? The more but meaningless is certainly nor merrier. I am not trying to fit the bill on myself. I have been on both the sides and it feels so much better here. Quality is indeed a preferred attribute over quantity. Isn’t this a wise thought?

I have realized that it is okay to change yourself for another person. What you need to cogitate over is the worthiness of the person and the extent of the change. Both of the aforesaid attributes are quantifiable so set a limit for it. If you are fortunate enough to find someone worthy then don’t let your stupid ego and conventional life rules show him/her the exit door of your life. Some might not agree but I think that will be the wise move.

I have discovered that travel is a drug. Yes it is by all sorts of available dictionary meanings. It makes you a better person. It helps you in realizing the values of the smallest and simplest joys of life. It makes you aware and cognizant. If you don’t believe me just go trekking in mountains and I can bet you will never disagree with me. It inculcates humility and humbleness like nothing else in this whole world. With a lot of destination left in my life, the journey to wisdom still continues.

Time and money are important, time just being slightly more. You can earn the lost money back but no means can help you earn back the lost time. So if you feel like splurging then do it, just keep a check on the frequency of such feelings. Buy tickets for your dream destination (Laddakh maybe because this is where everyone wants to go) now, you might have more money later but will not have the same energy and enthusiasm.

Nobody has ever become poor by giving, try buying things for others for a change. It is important that you make other people feel good. Surprise your best friend with the best of gifts (obviously without drilling a hole in your pocket), the look on their face would be priceless. It wouldn’t cost you a fortune but it will give you immense happiness and content. Aren’t just these the purpose of life? A wise question there, isn’t it?

I have come to terms with the fact that your family might not approve of all your choices, but they should be your first choice anyways. Family and siblings will always standby you and hence never ignore them for anything in this world. It is okay to do mistakes, what is not okay is to repeat them. Doing new mistakes would be wiser instead.

Growing old is voluntary, you can’t help it but growing wiser is certainly in your hands. Last one year has certainly made me wiser. Venturing into another year of my life hoping to get even more wiser.





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