Achilles heel, the first thing that comes to the mind is handsome Brad Pitt and thrilling Hollywood flick Troy. Achilles’s weakness was his heels and the only way he could be taken down was by hitting right at his heel. There is a huge Greek mythology behind it, this blog isn’t about it for sure. Achilles heel is a metaphor for one’s vulnerability and weakness.

I was just wondering what is that for me? My family, my job, shopping, food travelling what is it? I realized that everyone has a different answer for that. For a female who is very close to her family like me would be definitely her parents and near and dear ones. For parents it would be their kids and their well being. Somehow I cannot imagine something other than this. But I am sure there would be a variety of answers to it as well.


I am really curious to know what it would be for the rest of people out there. Go ahead and pour about your Achilles heel.




  1. I would actually call my family my Achilles Strength – not my weakness! At this point in time, I think my business is my vulnerability – it is growing, it is my “baby”, I am possessive about it, and it is still frail – not yet standing on its own and … like a mama to a newborn – I want people to love it swoon over it! HUGS <3

  2. Talking about Achilles I remember Brad pitt and his charisma in that movie. Awww man, I am straight guy but I can’t stop telling that I was really blown away by his performance on screen.

    My Achilles heel – ohh, plenty of them actually. Cars, bikes, football,travelling…..


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