In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Yellow.”

Yellow for me is just not my favorite color but it is an integral part of me. There was a time when I was so freaked out for yellow that I had almost everything of yellow color.

Having apparels of your favorite color isn’t something very out of the box but I just crossed the line with my utensils as well. I even bought yellow plates, yellow bowls and yellow glasses. Yes I was that mad after yellow. For certain time duration my Facebook profile picture was a yellow screen and “It was all yellow” was the only thing going on in my mind.

IMG_20141222_230154511  IMG_20141222_230306052IMG_20141222_230213426

Isn’t it crazy, yes it is and I know it !!

There came a point when I realized I don’t have to be this freak for the color I love. If I love yellow then I don’t have to have everything in that same color. There is life beyond that color too. You have a favorite person but you do coexist with other ones as well.

My craziness for yellow might have a check now but it still very much there. It has always caught my attention and after that I am not able to settle for any other color. The ugliest form of yellow is also dear to me probably because it is so full of life and spunk. For me it is the color of celebration and happiness.






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