When I Almost Got Married In A Village In Mountains

At the outset, this is a funny one. This happened when we trekked down from the Nagtibba base camp and landed in a small village. We trekked down way before what our guide estimated, guess we got better with time. Because of our early arrival we had a lot of time to kill. We were tired and thirsty. Our search for water and shelter lead us to a small house in the village. The lady welcomed us with a huge smile. I had no idea that I will be spending the next few hours discussing the most unexpected topic with the most unexpected set of people. When I bid goodbye to them I knew I had a story to tell the world and it would definitely go with the title “When I Almost Got Married In A Village In Mountains“.

Welcome to the village Ontar
Welcome to the village Ontar

Imagine a house facing vegetable fields and surrounded by mountains, that’s exactly how it was. We sat in the open area at the entrance of the house. The conversation started and we all introduced ourselves. One thing lead to another and the comfort level was increasing with every passing minute. I asked them about their daily chores. They told us that all the household and farm work are their responsibilities. All the men of the village are pandit/pundit by profession and they just focus on their spiritual studies. Not being feminist or anything but to summarize men just sit and preach while women do all the sweaty hard work. Just saying.

Doing what they do best
Women of the village doing their daily chores

Will you marry my son?

After sometime I happen to ask them about their necklace, they all were wearing similar necklaces. They told us that it was their mangalsutra and the next question to me was “do you like it?”. To which I responded in an immediate nod in agreement. Before I could know anything else one of women said “You could get one, if you marry my son”. I was shocked, surprised and a lot more things. I didn’t know what to say and before I could give her any witty answer all my friends interrupted and started asking for details. Very important details like along with the necklace what else she would get, how many vegetable fields, which mountain peak will be given to her etc etc.

Convincing in progress
Convincing in progress

The discussion had crossed all the possible level of wisdom and pragmatism. All my friends were literally acting like “ladki walllas” negotiating the terms and condition with those women. While my friends had points like our girl is a consultant in a popular IT firm those women countered them by offering possession of lush green fields in that village. Not to forget the red necklace too. One of them even offered two necklaces just in case I consider his son. There came a point where I had to stop the discussion. We all laughed till our stomach ached.

All of us
All of us

Realizations after taking to these women

  • Only and only you are responsible for your happiness.
  • Focus on your work and support your family members.
  • Happiness lies in small things.
  • Worship your work God will be served automatically.
  • Be kind, no matter what.
  • There are people who have bigger and worse problems than what you have.
  • Be thankful for the food and roof.

While I had a good time discussing my marriage proposal with so many perspective grooms I couldn’t miss clicking each of them. Below is a portrait of all the wonderful women I met. Don’t miss their red necklace.

The elderly one

She asked me if I could click her picture

She asked if she is gonna come on tv

Our main host

From far far away

The serious one

The shy one

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  1. Enjoyed reading this. Perhaps if you have explained in details about the location then it would have helped the reader. My lack of knowledge and travel made me look up Nagtibba base camp. Sorry for bring honest and candid

    • Hey Anindya thank you for dropping by and for your honest opinion. I actually forgot to add the link of the Nagtibba trek in this post.I will do that now for you, maybe that will help you know more about the trek.

      PS: Don’t be sorry, appreciate your honest feedback.


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