While searching for offbeat weekend getaways from Malaysia I stumbled upon Firefly Boat ride in Kuala Selangor. It took me back to my childhood memories at my grandmother’s place. There was a swampy area near my grandmother’s house and after sunset we could spot a lot of fireflies. I remember she used to warn us not to go too close else they might get into our ears. I still don’t know if she meant it or it was to keep us away from that swamp area. Nevertheless Firefly Boat ride got me excited and in no time I got all the details, hail to the internet.

I managed to convince few more people to visit Kuala Selangor for the firefly Boat Ride and the next weekend got booked for the firefly adventure. We hired a Volvo and left Kuala Lumpur at around five in the evening. It was a pleasant ride of 1.5 hours. By the time we reached it was pitch dark, an apt time to start the ride. When we reached at the deck we saw a lot of non motorized boats with rowers. We all got decked up in the live jackets and hopped in the boats. We were asked not to make any noise and not to click any pictures as the flash might disturb the fireflies, albeit there are many pictures available on internet.

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All decked up in the live jackets
All decked up in the live jackets

The ride started and in no time I could spot bunch of fireflies illuminating the lakeside. As we moved ahead the density of the fireflies kept increasing and it felt as if we were rowing in a lake illuminated by Diwali lights. The rower took us close to a bush which had the maximum fireflies and we had a pretty close look at the fireflies. The boat ride took around 20 minutes and we got back to the starting point.

Source: http://www.viator.com/tours/Kuala-Lumpur/Kuala-Selangor-Tour-from-Kuala-Lumpur-with-Fireflies-Boat-Ride-and-Seafood-Dinner/d335-5772KULTO7
Source: http://www.viator.com/tours/Kuala-Lumpur/Kuala-Selangor-Tour-from-Kuala-Lumpur-with-Fireflies-Boat-Ride-and-Seafood-Dinner/d335-5772KULTO7
This is how the deck looked.
This is how the deck looked.

 It was quiet, calm and exciting ride of 20 minutes.  A different experience away from the hustle and bustle of regular tourist attractions of the city.

Fireflies reminded me of my childhood days, what do they remind you? Do you have any firefly story?  I am all ears !!




  1. Hi Ruby,

    I’m from KL and I stumbled upon your blog recently. Wow, you got the chance to see the fireflies…I’m a local and haven’t seen the fireflies yet, haha! I thought they have stopped these rides because not many fireflies now? I should make a trip there some day. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • The last I was there, these rides were very much on. Not sure about any changes done recently. I think it is still on and you should give a visit. When you visit share your experience with me.


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